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Recommendations - The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

Recommendation 1

The Executive Committee should develop an appropriate report format which will help agencies of the Convention present their reports on a more appropriate and comparable basis and to provide more information about program plans, accomplishments, and costs.

Recommendation 2

Item 9-(5)-(g) of the by-laws relating to the Executive Committee should be revised to make it clear that the Executive Committee is not responsible for approving agency budgets . . . The Executive Committee should review and present to the Convention as information the budgets of all Convention agencies whether they receive Cooperative Program funds or not.

Recommendation 3

The Executive Committee should continue to study the needs for an expanded public relations program. If at some time in the future, it is found to be appropriate, the committee should recommend the establishment of such a program and the creation of an agency of the Convention to conduct this program.

Recommendation 4

The Executive Committee’s present responsibilities for the promotion of stewardship should be transferred to the Stewardship Commission, a new Convention agency recommended at a later point in this report.

Recommendation 5

To conduct is affairs, the Executive Committee should organize itself into four subcommittees: a program committee, a finance committee, a public relations committee, and an administrative committee. The four committees should have equal status and report directly to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee should be assisted in its work by a small professional staff headed by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer. The staff should include a program analyst, a financial analyst, a director of public relations, and required accounting and clerical personnel. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer should report directly to the Executive Committee and serve as an ex-officio member of the committee and all the sub-committees. He should direct the members of the staff in the their work.

The public relations committee should appoint a small public relations advisory committee comprised of representatives from the principal Southern Baptist Convention agencies, state conventions, and state papers. The public relations advisory committee should advise the public relations committee of the Executive Committee and the director of public relations on all aspects of the public relations service provided by the Executive Committee.

Recommendation 6

The Executive Committee should be provided with facilities which will serve its needs more appropriately than do its present quarters. These new facilities should also be available to the smaller agencies of the Southern Baptist Convention which do not have their own facilities. The Executive Committee might well furnish central services for agencies housed in the Executive Committee building – such as accounting service, supplies, etc.

The Executive Committee should request funds to finance the construction or purchase of an appropriate building, or should be authorized to accept appropriate quarters if such are offered by another Convention agency. 2018.02v1.00 : 2.15.2018
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