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Frank S. Page

President and CEO, 2010-2018

Frank S. Page’s service as president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee followed thirty-four years of church and denominational leadership. He was pastor of six churches in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina. He served two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention and was vice president of evangelism for the North American Mission Board. He was a member of the SBC Great Commission Task Force and served as a director of Baptist Global Response. He also served on the boards of trustees of numerous state convention ministries.

During his two years as president of the SBC, Page was a frequent guest on national and local television networks and programs, including NBC, CBS, CBN, Fox News, and Larry King Live. In 2007, he was named as one of the Fifty Most Influential Christians in America by The Church Report. He also served on President Barack Obama’s Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

An active personal evangelist, Page’s passion for sharing the Gospel with the lost grows out of his personal devotion to Christ and his experience as a child. Growing up in an unchurched home, he was invited by a couple to attend Southside Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he professed faith in Jesus Christ at age nine. He later graduated from Gardner-Webb University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received the master of divinity degree and earned his PhD in Christian ethics. He was ordained at Immanuel Baptist Church in Greensboro. He is the author of numerous books, has written articles for various publications, was the lead writer for the Advanced Continuing Witness Training material and, while president of the Convention, was the motivating catalyst behind NAMB’s evangelism strategy, God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS).

When Page began his service as president and CEO of the Executive Committee, he set an immediate goal to establish an atmosphere of trust at every level of Convention life. He pledged to focus his leadership on appealing to Southern Baptists to exercise Christlike selflessness; to help younger generations see the value of cooperative work; to call on every Southern Baptist—from entity president to denominational worker, from pastor to the person on the pew—to be a “Jesus people”; and to be an encourager. He has worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality.

Page and his wife Dayle have three daughters, Melissa (d. November 2009), Laura, and Allison.


Frank S. Page, left, president of the SBC Executive Committee, and Jessica Wan, a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, verify information as they and other seminary students do door-to-door evangelism in Phoenix, Arizona, prior to the 2017 SBC annual meeting. Photo by Kathleen Murray.
Sixth President and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee Frank S. Page speaks to students at his alma mater, Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina, in 2015. Photo by Mark Houser/Gardner-Webb University
Rhonda Kelley, professor of Women’s Ministry at Leavell College and director of Women’s Ministry Programs at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, presents the Women’s Advisory Council Report to EC President Frank S. Page at the Many Faces Exhibit at the 2017 SBC annual meeting. Photo by Daniel Woodman
Filipino Southern Baptist Fellowship members pray over Frank S. Page, president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee, at a June 2014 gathering where Page was the featured speaker. Photo by Paul W. Lee
Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page, seated second from right, met with the EC African American Advisory Council on February 6–7, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Diana Chandler/Baptist Press
Ken Weathersby, EC vice president for Convention Advancement, joined by his Convention Advancement Advisory Council and numerous ethnic fellowship presidents and leaders, present a facsimile of The Many Faces of the Southern Baptist Convention to EC President Frank S. Page at a meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 18, 2017. The book chronicles the work and reports of numerous advisory councils Page has appointed since 2011. Photo by Roger S. Oldham 2018.02v1.00 : 2.15.2018
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