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Executive Committee Chairmen

Number Inclusive Years Years Served EC Chairman

From 1919 through 1935, the SBC bylaw governing the work of the Executive Committee stipulated that the SBC president also served as chairman/president of the SBC Executive Committee. In 1935, the bylaw governing the work of the Executive Committee was amended. Since then, the Executive Committee has elected its own chairman annually.

J. B. Gambrell was SBC president in 1917 when the Executive Committee was created and served as its second chairman, 1919– 1921.
George W. Truett was SBC president in 1927 and served as the first chairman of the enlarged, incorporated Executive Committee, 1927–1930.
M. E. Dodd, instrumental in the adoption of the Cooperative Program in 1925, served as the Executive Committee’s eighth chairman, 1933–1935.
J. Howard Williams, Executive Committee chairman from 1944–1946, recommended the SBC’s 1945 Centennial annual meeting be deferred as World War II drew to a close.
Above photos courtesy of the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
2017-2018 Executive Committee Officers. Stephen N. Rummage, chairman of the Executive Committee (front right); Stephen K. Swofford, Business and Finance Committee chair (front left); Back row (left to right): Stacy S. Bramlett, secretary; M. Kent Choate, Administrative Committee chair; Rolland E. Slade, Cooperative Program Committee chair; Shane B. Hall, vice chairman of the Executive Committee. Photo by Morris Abernathy 2018.02v1.00 : 2.15.2018
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